You have just ventured into...

The Slums of Jackson, New Jersey!

About this site.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, this site will become a fully operational blog and information site. Its intent is to expose and exposť the Jackson Township municipal government, and its waste and its disdain for the good, hard working, tax paying citizens of Jackson Township, New Jersey. With the current state of our nation's economy, everybody seems to have to do more with less with the exception of our governments, and Jackson Township's government is part and parcel to the same "do less for more" party, which have wrecked the US economy without shame.

Only a politician!

Are you aware that the State's municipality funding cutbacks have been parlayed into furloughs for Jackson Township employees? Yes, indeed. While the good, hard working, tax paying citizens of this town are adding an extra can of water to their meager Campbell's Tomato Soup and day-old bread grilled cheese sandwich dinners to stretch out their meal dollars, Jackson Township is giving its employees holidays! During a recent NJ 101.5-FM radio interview, Jackson Township's Director of Public Works had the audacity to claim that he had his people out plowing the roads the day before a snowstorm because the following day — the day of the snowstorm — was a furlough day.

Why, the slums?

So, you are asking, "Why" The Jackson Township municipal governement's handling of garbage and roadside debris prompted the generation of this site. For many years, Jackson Township has fostered something only a New Jerseyan could take pride in: tri-annual trash collection pickup. Three times a year for several days — oftentimes, weeks — residents of Jackson Township "litter" their streets with massive caches of garbage. The header photo is just one example and what an eyesore it is. These piles remain on the streets serving as a New Jerseyan's status symbol bolstering, "I've got more money to toss crap away than you!" If you put out certain items for collection any other time of the year, residents receive a summons from Jackson Township for the violation of a littering ordinance. However, three times a year, the township condones the practice of curbside littering. It's not just garbage either; this is also a problem with the cleanup and pickup of natural debris — tree branches after severe storms, leaves, and other sundry lawn and property "greens."

We are not alone.

Below is a link to a letter to the editor that was published in the Tri-Town News (aka. The Tri-Town Gutter Trash because that's where most of this free newspaper remains after being tossed at the curb by "drive-by distribution agents") regarding the current worsening of the curbside maintenance by the Jackson Township's Public Works department:

Cutbacks are taking their toll on Jackson neighborhood

Unsafe? You bet it is.

This tri-annual rubbish removal creates the "slums" appearance even when this debris is not placed at the curbside. Because this is a three times a year event, residents stockpile their garbage on their properties awaiting the arrival of tri-annual sanitation Santa's sanitation sled and elves to cart their debris away. This is not only unsightly; it's unsafe! Skunks, possums, stray cats, and other animals take refuge in these garbage piles. Jackson Township maintains a Department of Animal Control to license pets (dogs) under the guise of a fear of the spread of rabies; yet, they permit the housing of rabid wild animals in these rubbish refugee encampments that residents amass on their properties.

Get mad!

This video clip should sum it all up: